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it don't mean a thing if it ain't digitally transferred from disc to disc: mix for Junior D part 2

Artist Song
ovuca  meltman / meltdown man 
b.fleischmann  drops 
two lone swordsmen vs. lali puna  it's not the worst i've looked, just the most i've ever cared 
kid spatula  dance 3 
dykehouse  record store track 
chris clark  lord of the dance 
arovane  norvum 
quinoline yellow  sunny delight suit 
theboy lucas  la bomb is all bad 
brothomstates  te noch RP 
bola  vertiphon 
team doyobi  brutal deluxxe 
fridge  five four child voice 


second half of my current electronic faves for Mr D. lots of planet mu, skam and warp, as always at the moment. tried to deftly skip over the bigger names in order to highlight fresh new gems - although a couple of the tracks seem to going on every mix i do at the moment.


Junior D 1
Date: 1/30/2002
Can't wait to hear them. Thanks alot. I havent heard most of this stuff, so that will be pretty exciting. thanks again.