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107 Steps

Artist Song
Bjork  107 Steps 
Dusty Springfield  Son of a Preacher Man 
Eve 6  Here's to the Night 
Carole King  It's Too Late 
Prince  Purple rain 
Soft Cell  Tainted Love 
Destiny's Child  Jumpin' Jumpin' 
Duran Duran  Hungry Like the Wolf 
Carly Simon  You're So Vain 
The Shangri-La's  Leader of the Pack 
Olivia Newton-John  Have You Never Been Mellow 
The Supremes  Stop! In the Name of Love 
John Lennon  Imagine 
The Presidents of the United States of America  Cleveland Rocks 
Michelle Pfeiffer  Cool Rider 
  Pomp & Circumstance 
Sir Mix-a-Lot  Baby Got Back 
Chrono Trigger Orchestra  End of Childhood Times 


Commemorating my last days of high school, senior skip week, and grasduation. From June 2 to June 15


Date: 2/2/2002
A spiffy mix. I would only take out the Destiny's Child. If you want a song about "jumping", how about INXS or Kris Kross?
Spiffy McC
Date: 2/2/2002
Well, the reason it's on there is because when we were trying to be cool and "bust laps" around town, that was the only song that I had in the car that had any sort of bass.
Spiffy McC
Date: 2/2/2002
Thank you for the suggestion though ^_^