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80s Goth Rock and 80s Metal

Artist Song
Sabbat  For Those Who Died 
The Sisters of Mercy  This Corrosion 
The Sisters of Mercy  1959 
Celtic Frost  To Mega Therion 
Celtic Frost  Procreation(of the Wicked) 
Iron Maiden  Rime of The Ancient Mariner 
Iron Maiden  Fear of the Dark 
Iron Maiden  Hallowed Be Thy Name 
Christian Death  Book of Lies 
Christian Death  Sex Dwarf 
Bauhaus  Kamikazi Dive 
Bauhaus  Stigmata Martyr (Lulu Remix) 
Bauhaus  Telegram Sam 
Bauhaus  All We Ever Wanted Was Everyth 
Bauhaus  The Three Shadows Part II 
Bauhaus  Silent Hedges 
Bauhaus  Kingdom's Coming 
Bauhaus  She's In Parties 
Bauhaus  Bela Lugosi's Dead 
The Sisters of Mercy  Lucretia My Reflection 
The Sisters of Mercy  Mother Russia 
The Sisters of Mercy  I was wrong 
The Sisters of Mercy  Detonation Boulevard 
The Sisters of Mercy  No Time to Cry 


80s Goth Rock and 80s (Black Metal Influences of) Metal


Date: 2/3/2002
you are making me a mixtape sometime, i hope you're aware :)
Date: 12/29/2005
I LOVE the sisters of mercy...I have most of their cd's...Bauhaus rocks too...Come check out my mixes sometime...