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Reheated Souffles: 35 Years of Beatles Pastiche

Side A
Artist Song
The Bangles  Going Down To Liverpool 
NRBQ  Ridin' In My Car 
Matthew Sweet  I've Been Waiting 
Chicago  Gone Long Gone 
The Mojo Men  Sit Down 
Utopia  All Smiles 
Badfinger  No Matter What 
Elvis Costello & The Attractions  And In Every Home 
Owsley  Coming Up Roses 
The Wonders  That Thing You Do 
Side B
ELO  Four Little Diamonds 
Nick Lowe  Cruel To Be Kind 
The Knickerbockers  Lies 
The Flamin' Groovies  You Tore Me Down 
10cc  Reds In My Bed 
Harry Nilsson  Mournin' Glory Story 
Billy Joel  Through The Long Night 
Klaatu  Sub-Rosa Subway 
Tears For Fears  Sowing the Seeds of Love 
Barenaked Ladies  It's All Been Done Before 


"You can't reheat a souffle" - Paul McCartney...
This unique compilation celebrates the pervasiveness of the Beatles' sound by tracking it through four decades of loving attempts to recreate it -- from artists who would otherwise have no business being on the same tape. In the majority of these cases, you can even pinpoint the Beatle track being "referenced". Roger'd Records. Issued: June 1999.


Eric N.
Date: 9/5/2000
This is sweet, I hope you don't mind my having made a CD of my own with this exact listing...
Date: 1/20/2001
Where's the Rutles?