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I Wish It Hadn't Ended Like How It Did

Artist Song
Mogwai  Sine Wave 
Elysian Fields  Black Acres 
Rachel's  An Evening of Long Goodbyes 
Hood  They Removed All The Trace That Anything Ever Happened Here 
Sigur Ros  Staralfur 
John Lennon  Isolation 
Nick Drake  Man in a Shed 
Nico  These Days 
B'ehl  I'm Sorry For Being Such a Crappy Friend 
The Softies  Sleep Away Your Troubles 
Turin Brakes  Feeling Oblivion 
My Friend the Chocolate Cake  Brood 
Lali Puna  Everywhere and Allover 
Radiohead   Motion Picture Soundtrack 


long story behind this one... had "mixer's block" all week while working on it off and on/ it's for someone with whom i had a really intense relationship (non-platonic for some of it, but that's really not the issue) and then somehow, everything fell apart/ haven't spoken to them really in like two years and now their birthday is coming up and they go to school with a friend/ i'm having him give it to them, and i'm sure they'll get the message of it..tried hard to make modest mouse's "shit luck" fit, but while it went in with the theme of the mix, it didn't go so much with the aural feel :)/ 57:54
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Rob Conroy
Date: 2/8/2002
Nice. I will (I promise) get back to you about trading soon... I've just been buried under a stack of mixes...
Date: 2/9/2002
Really nice mix.