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CD | Theme - Break Up
CD | Theme - Road Trip
CD | Theme - Break Up

Turn Up The Flame, Step On the Gas

Artist Song
Green Day   Maria 
The Ataris  San Dimas HS Football Rules 
The Living End  Roll On 
Sum 41  Rhythm 
River City High  I'll Make It Up to You 
Sublime  Same in the End 
Saves the Day  Last Lie I Told 
The Living End  Prisoner Of Society 
REM  What's The Frequency Kenneth 
The Ramones  My Back Pages 
Less Than Jake  Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts 
Green Day  Brat 
Ghoti Hook  Earth Angel 
Reel Big Fish  YMCA 
Five Iron Frenzy  Oh, Canada 
Alien Ant Farm  Smooth Criminal 
Blink 182  Shut Up 


With a car full of friends, the windows rolled down, and this mix blasting, it makes for a good time. Loads of fun from start to finish.

Title from "Maria"


Date: 2/9/2002
this is a good fast-paced mix! it looks fun.
You Vandal
Date: 2/10/2002
That is an excellent River City High song :D
geek rock
Date: 11/10/2003
ghoti hook!! i love that cover, but i only managed to download the first minute and a half of it. :(