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Live Shit: Binge and Binge 2001 (Jul-Sep)

Artist Song
Amazing Crowns  Mr fix It 
Girlfriendo  10 Wishes 
Imperial Teen  Youre One 
Mike Doughty  The Only Answer 
Von Bondies  Lack of Communication 
White Stripes  Fell In Love With A Girl 
von Bondies  It Came From japan 
White Stripes  Red Death at 6:14 
Imperial Teen  Crucible 
Echo & the Bunnymen  Everybody Knows 
Green Day  She 
Nashville Pussy  Snake Eyes 
Reverand Horton Heat  Big Red Rocket of Love 
Distillers  LA girl 
Modern Lovers (Richman)  Road Runne 
Belle & Sebastian  Sleep Around the Clock 
Modern Lovers (Richman)   Im Straight 
Belle & Sebastian  She's Losing It 
Cold  Just Got Wicked 
Weezer  El Scorcho 


These three mixes represent about half of the bands I saw last year. The tracklists go in roughly chronological order (I think two songs are played out of place, but even then they are just played a song or so out of sequence). It was a crazy year -- and oddly enough, for me these things tell a story.