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Live Shit: Binge and Binge 2001 (Oct-Dec)

Artist Song
Bright Eyes  Going for the Gold 
Detroit Cobras  Aint It A Shame 
Strokes  Take it or Leave it 
Smog  Cold Blooded Old Times 
Will Oldham  For the Mekons et al 
von Bondies  Going Down 
Buff Medways  Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot 
Tenacious D  Wonder Boy 
Vue  Child for You 
BRMC  What Ever Happened To my rock & roll 
Biz Markie  The Doodoo 
De La Soul  Potholes in my Lawn 
Jimmy Eats World  Lucky Denver Mint 
Tenacious D  Rock Your Socks 
Weezer  Suzanne 
Brad  The Day Brings 
Eels  My Descent into madness 
Man... or Astroman?  lobatt 
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club  Fail Safe 


These three mixes represent about half of the bands I saw last year. The tracklists go in roughly chronological order (I think two songs are played out of place, but even then they are just played a song or so out of sequence). It was a crazy year -- and oddly enough, for me these things tell a story.



Date: 2/12/2002
this is awesome dude... i'm inspired to possibly try the same thing.
lo-fi jr.
Date: 2/12/2002
I'd jump offa just about any size cliff for a chance to catch The Buff Medways.