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Cassette | Theme - Romantic

Adventure Club Make Out Tape vol. 2

Artist Song
Ride  Twisterella 
The The   This Is The Day (live acoustic) 
Primal Scream  Come Together 
That Dog  Gagged & Tied 
Placebo  Nancy Boy 
Suede  Animal Nitrate 
Portishead  All Mine 
Julee Curise  Falling 
Richard Ashcroft  A Song For The Lovers 
Modest Mouse  Sleepwalkin' 
Baby Bird  You're Gorgeous (acoustic) 
Pulp  This Is Hardcore 
Lloyd Cole  Perfect Skin 
New Order  Temptation 
Underworld  Born Slippery Nuxx (live) 
Depeche Mode  One Caress 
The Ataris  San Dimas High School Football Rules (acoustic) 


Thanks to Josh@KDGE in Dallas, TX for compiling this list. I make no claim to the ordering or choices, just posting this for the enjoyment of others. This is disc 2 of a 2 disc set.