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Cassette | Mixed Genre

for the summer

Side A
Artist Song
bikini kill  bloody ice cream 
bikini kill  rebel girl 
blue meanies  i'm a have not 
blue meanies  pave the world 
braid  jimmy go swimmer 
braid  urbana's too dark 
dead kennedys  your emotions 
the donnas  get rid of that girl 
elliott smith  everybody cares, everybody understands 
juliana hatfield  nirvana 
julie ruin  i wanna know what love is 
L7  the masses are asses 
modest mouse  trailer trash 
the mr. t experience  semi-ok 
the mr. t experience  told you once 
Side B
patti smith  citizen ship 
poe  that day 
the ramones  sheena is a punk rocker 
rancid  blacklisted 
rancid  bloodclot 
reel big fish  trendy 
reel big fish  you don't know 
save ferris  under 21 
7 year bitch  the midst 
sex pistols  i'm a lazy sod (live) 
sex pistols  pretty vacant (live) 
sleater-kinney  heart factory 
sleater-kinney  surf song 
sonic youth  tabla in suburbia 
superchunk  never too young to smoke 


mixed for a friend. i know not ALL of it qualifies as "indie rock," but bear with me, okay?


Date: 4/28/2004
I love bikini kill! Some i haven't heard of but excited woot!