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no one makes the parts that i need

Side A
Artist Song
Cat Stevens  Trouble 
Vincent Gallo  Lonely Boy 
Cat Power  Colors & The Kids 
Palace Brothers  I See A Darkness 
The Black Heart Procession  Square Heart 
The White Stripes  The Union Forever 
Okkervil River  My Bad Days 
Neutral Milk Hotel  Little Birds 
Joni Mitchell  River 
Bob Schneider & Mitch Watkins  Heavy 
Elliott Smith  Everything Means Nothing To Me 
Radiohead  Bullet Proof... I Wish I Was 
Side B
Grand Champeen  Sparks 
Will Oldham  I Tried To Stay Healthy For You 
Nirvana  Dumb 
Pedro The Lion  Bad Things To Such Good People 
Silver Jews  New Orleans 
John Frusciante  Running Away Into You 
John Lennon  Mother  
Wilco  We're Just Friends 
Simon & Garfunkel  Kathy's Song 
Guided By Voices  Awful Bliss 
Nick Drake  Fly 
Leonard Cohen  Chelsea Hotel #2 
Ani Difranco  Independence Day 
Bright Eyes  I've Been Eating For You 
Langley Schools Music Project  The Long And Winding Road 


made for a trade with the theme of depression. a mix tape i won't ever be able to listen to, for fear of instant mental breakdown. that palace brothers cut is one of my favorites right now. okkervil river, bob schneider, and grand champeen are all great local (austin, texas) acts that i recommend.


Date: 2/23/2002
This is really nice - too bad you won't be able to listen to it!
Geoffrey Holland
Date: 2/23/2002
very nice looking mix...I hope the person who gets it has a good therapist.
Colin Smythe
Date: 2/23/2002
makes me semi-depressed just reading the playlist.nice.
Date: 2/23/2002
Bob Schneider is good stuff ... I thought he was primed to be last year's "New Big Thing" but he never got that far.
Date: 2/23/2002
awwww....summer's all upsetty. not good at all...well being upsetty, the tape is actually quite sublime.
jaime b
Date: 2/23/2002
hey, great job. this is really, really good. i second the okkervil river vote!
DJ Usurp
Date: 2/23/2002
Wow...nice cat power choice. This takes that depression genre very seriously.
Date: 2/24/2002
Good call on the Joni song. That got me through my break-up with my first love: "I'm selfish, and I'm sad, now I've gone and lost the best baby that I've ever had." Hmm...okay, maybe it just made me feel terrible. But yeah, nice choice.
Date: 2/24/2002
Yeah, nice job. Ditto on the Joni song, it made onto my recent "hmm, things could be a little bit better, couldn't they" tape (that's the idea behind the tape, not the name).
Date: 3/6/2007
This may be the best mix you ever made.