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altered states, part one

Side A
Artist Song
from 'altered states' featuring terence speaks  introduction (virtue one)* 
the butthole surfers  whatever (i had a dream last night) 
from 'altered states' featuring terence speaks  virtue eleven (ready to come out?)* 
the beastie boys  electrify 
the beastie boys & brooke williams  picture this 
from 'altered states'  you'd like it 
the crystal method  trip like i do (light edit) 
from 'altered states'  i think we ought to get into it 
james  building a fire 
from 'altered states'  party conversation 
black sabbath  paranoid 
from 'altered states'  eddie meets emily 
the digable planets  examination of what 
from 'altered states'  the score 
nine inch nails  the perfect drug 
from 'altered states'  sex & crucification 
radiohead  talk show host 
from 'altered states'  the fascinating bastard 
Side B
from 'altered states'  afterglow & hallucination 
sheryl crow  am i getting through? part two 
from 'altered states'  let's get married 
fiona apple  sleep to dream 
from 'altered states'  you're a faust freak 
fiona apple  across the universe 
from 'altered states'  the schizophrenic image of self 
ben folds five  best imitation of myself 
from 'altered states'  marriage acceptance 
they might be giants  sapphire bullets of pure love 
from 'altered states'  welcome to harvard 
the moody blues  your wildest dreams 
from 'altered states'  crazy 
teenage fanclub & de la soul  fallin' 
from 'altered states'  does that answer your question? 
smashing pumpkins  drown 
from 'altered states'  i'm gonna find the fucker 
r.e.m. & william s. burroughs  star me kitten 


a sons of suburbia mix . . . recorded the 2nd & 9th of june 1999 . . . * from terence speaks's book 'the virtue of hypocrisy' . . . 'altered states' is the story of a professor experimenting with altered states of consciousness in search of the original soul . . . this movie was recommened by my father-out-law and i eagerly pass on the recommendation - definitely worth seeing! . . . this series of three mixes combines movie dialogue with music that can be seen as either an examination of the character's current state of mind or as a response to another character . . . 90 minutes of some fucked up shit - suburban style