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altered states, part two

Side A
Artist Song
terence speaks  virtue eight* 
from 'altered states'  welcome to mexico 
pink floyd  goodbye blue sky / empty spaces 
from 'altered states'  the unborn 
nine inch nails  down in it 
from 'altered states'  ritual of the first flower 
tori amos  losing my religion 
from 'altered states'  eddie's backward trip 
the crystal method  vapor trail 
from 'altered states'  the awakening (analyze it) 
morcheeba & atm  everybody knows (who can you trust?) 
from 'altered states'  testing the untested 
pixies  silver 
terence speaks  virture eighteen* 
Side B
from 'altered states'  this ain't lsd . . . 
james  dream thrum 
from 'altered states'  what happens 
the beastie boys  namaste 
from 'altered states'  meet the isolation 
radiohead  the bends 
from 'altered states'  couldn't resist 
the moody blues  the story in your eyes 
from 'altered states'  tripping times two 
tool  cesaro summability 
from 'altered states'  pretty creepy 
pixies  where is my mind? 
from 'altered states'  must've had a seizure 
jefferson airplane  today 
from 'altered states'  choking comprehension 
marilyn manson  mechanical animals 
from 'altered states'  possible? 
smashing pumpkins  crestfallen 
from 'altered states'  what do you think happened? 
the jesus & mary chain  head on 


side two ends with: from 'altered states' - take it easy (mumbo jumbo) . . . a sons of suburbia mix . . . recorded the 2nd & 3rd of june 1999 . . . * from terence speaks's book 'the virtue of hypocrisy' . . . 'altered states' was released in 1980 and stars william hurt . . . 90 more minutes of fucked up shit - suburban style