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...starts another big riot

Side A
Artist Song
Elastica  Connection 
They Might Be Giants  She Was a Hotel Detective 
Ben Folds Five  Philosophy 
Blur  For Tomorrow 
Semisonic  If I Run 
Bjork  It's Oh So Quiet 
Reel Big Fish  Sell Out 
Fountains of Wayne  Laser Show 
Stone Roses  Begging You 
They Might Be Giants  Till My Head Falls Off 
Blur  Song 2 
Pearl Jam  Spin the Black Circle 
Side B
Lughead  Pure Again 
Ben Folds Five  Narcolepsy 
Radiohead  Just 
Oasis  D'You Know What I Mean 
Moby  Body Rock 
New Order  Bizarre Love Triangle 
Beastie Boys  Sabotage 
Blur  Tender 
New Order  Temptation 
The Beatles  Revolution 


This is kind've a balancing deal, it's designed to be rather pleasant and pretty calm in the beginning with the occasional rocking, and then kinda break into more hyper stuff with Bjork, and then after the climax of Sabotage (preceded by a brief cooldown with New Order), it sorta plays out to be a bit more chill.