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Cassette | Mixed Genre

M U L T I P A S S !!!

Side A
Artist Song
R.E.M.  Crush with Eyeliner 
Pulp  A Little Soul 
Smash Mouth  All Star 
They Might Be Giants  Reprehensible 
Trenchcoat Club  Where's Me Gold 
Len  Steal My Sunshine 
The Rentals  Getting By 
Ben Folds Five  Hospital Song/Army 
Fountains of Wayne  Denise 
Trenchcoat Club  Parker Posey 
Blur  Chemical World 
Simon & Garfunkel  Keep the Customer Satisfied 
They Might Be Giants  Ondine 
Angry Salad  The Milkshake Song 
Fatboy Slim  Praise You 
Side B
They Might Be Giants  It's So Loud in Here 
They Might Be Giants  The Guitar (live) 
Cataonia  Mulder & Scully 
unknown  theme from Futurama 
David Bowie  Magic Dance 
The Beatles  Free as a Bird 
"Aladdin"  One Jump Ahead 
Don McLean  American Pie 
They Might Be Giants  Runaway 
They Might Be Giants  Escape From the Planet of the Apes 
The Faces  Ooh La La 


I guess the idea here is sort of a goofy cine-pop, with occasional nods towards some TV and other music. Think of it as like a wacked Smithsonian of misc. pop culture. The music that isn't about a movie or TV show or appearing fairly prominently in one is music I regard as fairly "cinematic" in some sense, like the cuts from Ben Folds Five, The Beatles and Pulp.