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single deck

Artist Song
Bad Brains  Leaving Babylon 
Rob Sonic  F.U. for Failure Ugly 
Sutekh  D'z 
Upsetters  Peace and Love 
Def Harmonic  Djs 
Jetone  Heat Death 
U Brown  News to the Nation 
Aesop Rock  Battery 
Mr. Lif w/ Opio  Fulcrum (insight mix) 
Prince Far I  Anambra Dub 
Mammal  Warrior's Dance 
Antipop Consortium  Disorientation 
Messenjah  Mr. Politician 
Push Button Objects  The Original 
Takeshi Muto  Quiloid 
Dr. Israel  Final Resistance (backyard mix) 


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Single Deck is a funky, runaway robot zenarchist. He is from a graf sticker series I do in Chicago (along with his main freaks Public Monkey, Future Ape, Monk-E, and Tone). This mix is all about what Single has going on in his deck these days. He preaches a message of resistance, love over war and baptism by bass. Half lover, half warrior, keep and eye (and ear) our for Single Deck.
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g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 2/28/2002
uuuhhhmmm...would jus' like to say that, except for Sutekh, I have never heard of ANY of the artists on this, uh, mix...but I trust that the Junior D ka-nows what he's doin'...I just hope that he was playin' with a full deck when he mixed "Single Deck"...end of transmission. ~:-p
Date: 3/1/2002
yesyesyes looks supreme. maybe we can work this into our trade?
Kevin Adickes
Date: 3/11/2002