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Start The Commotion - Music In Advertising

Artist Song
The Wiseguys  Start The Commotion 
GusGus  Ladyshave 
Harvey  Any Way You Wanna 
Cliff Richards  Summer Holiday 
Sergio Mendes  Mas Que Nada 
Lovin' Spoonful  Daydream 
Arling & Cameron  Voulez-vous 
Donovan  Mellow Yellow 
Dwight Yoakam  Crazy Little Thing Called Love 
Squirrel Nut Zippers  Put A Lid On It 
James Clarke  Wild Elephants 
Mylene Farmer  Tomber Sept Fois 
Appleseed  Mile High Express 
Nicola Conte  Bossa Per Due 
Nick Drake  Pink Moon 
Sarah Vaughn  Whatever Lola Wants 
Bill Withers  Lovely Day 
U2  With Or Without You 
Kid Loco  Relaxin' With Cherry 
Land Of The Loops  Soapyhose 


A compilation of interesting music from some recent commercials.


The Little Raven
Date: 2/28/2002
How 'bout that T Rex song??
Date: 2/28/2002
Actually I'm a bit embarassed to admit this publicly, but that Volkswagen ad was my first exposure to Nick Drake. Which commercial is the Land of Loops in? I guess I need to watch more TV.
Date: 2/28/2002
and the j ralph(?) one million miles away. that is good too.
Scott K
Date: 2/28/2002
I hope Rolan Bolan is making a nice chunk of change from the T. Rex ad. I too first heard Mr. Drake from the VW ad, but I'm more embarassed to admit that I didn't know it was Ms. Vaughn singing "Lola." Thanks for leaving that "Millionaire" song off! ;-)
Date: 2/28/2002
I a bit dissapointed in the lack of the who, i mean there in a bunch of commercials and the who kick ass.
George Jetson1
Date: 3/1/2002
First, if you want a compilation of advertising music that has the Who on it, you should make it yourself.

Second, there is a website that lists the music for literally hundreds of commercials. That's where I found many of these tracks. I haven't seen most of the commercials in which they were used, and I don't remember which companies used what songs. Sorry I can't be more informative.

The Automatic Bzooty Crew
Date: 3/1/2002
I like the idea, so I found a website (maybe the same one) and will soon began work on one. I like your picks and may have to steal some of them.
NIce job.