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going beyond these silly "mix-tapes" you make.

Artist Song
Stanley Kubrick  A Clockwork Orange 
Martin Scorsese  Taxidriver 
Sam Peckinpah  Straw Dogs 
Joel Schumacher  Falling Down 
David Fincher  Fight Club 
Mary Harron  American Psycho 
Oliver Stone  Natural Born Killers 
Mike Judge  Office Space 


yeah, take a week off from work, tell 'em you gotta go because an aunt died or something and she lived far away, and she was the good aunt that baked you cookies and wiped your ass, anyway, that'll get work and any friends you might have off your back, then unplug the phone, sit back and watch some movies. Yeah, i probably offended some of you nerds, "oh, that's not a mix-tape", well in MY head it is... and i end it with the light-hearted treat "Office Space", you know, so i won't go all "CrAZy" or nuthin'.


The Automatic Bzooty Crew
Date: 3/3/2002
Mike Douglas was bad ass in Falling Down.
kevin 123
Date: 3/3/2002
straw dogs is a terribly underrated flick. wonderful picks, i must say. well...i didn't care for american psycho, but i dunno...wonderful list all things considered. DOUBLE THUMBS UP ROCK N' ROLL 100%!!!!!
Date: 3/4/2002
I thought Office Space was half of a good movie... Maybe if you just looped the breakdancing scene (specificaly Adjay Naidu busting mad tricks) until the end, that would be the best light-hearted ending you could get.
Date: 4/16/2002
do you realy have to insult people? we're not all out to judge you.