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Re-Make/Re-Model: Songs Uncovered

Side A
Artist Song
Senor Coconut y su Conjunto  Trans-Europe Express 
Styler & Baldwin  You Got Me Floating 
Jimi Hendrix  The Star-Spangled Banner 
Red House Painters  The Star-Spangled Banner 
Tricky  Black Steel 
Jawbox  Cornflake Girl 
Tori Amos  Smells like Teen Spirit 
Giant Ant Farm  The Clapper 
Mark Kozelek  Bad Boy Boogie 
Circle Jerks  Golden Shower of Hits 
Residents  Hitler Was a Vegetarian (exc.) 
Wooldridge Brothers  Shock the Monkey 
Peter Holsapple  You Just May Be the One 
Side B
Bradley Skaught  Amelia, Have You Lost? 
Elvis Costello  Days 
Love Battery  White Bird 
Mitchell Rasor  Say a Little Prayer 
The Aluminum Group  L'Amour Looks Something Like You 
Macha and Bedhead  Believe 
Sonic Youth  Computer Age 
John Cale  Heartbreak Hotel 
Aztec Camera  Jump 
NRBQ  Spinning Wheel 
Residents with Snakefinger  (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 
De Dannan  Hibernian Rhapsody 


A covers tape: I tried to choose tunes that transformed the originals in a fairly radical manner.
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katherine light
Date: 3/4/2002
is that a cover of it's a beautiful day's white bird? the entire mix is quite awesome.
James Russell
Date: 3/5/2002
Bastard. I've been planning a mix like this for months for with the name "Remake/Remodel"! Ho well, I suppose that'll learn me to get in earlier with these things...