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CD | Dance - House
CD | Theme - Romantic

Minor Threat vs. the Smiths

Artist Song
Minor Threat  screaming at a wall 
the Smiths  the boy with a thorn in his side 
Minor Threat  Small man, big mouth 
the Smiths  Bigmouth strikes again 
Minor Threat  Bottled Violence 
the Smiths  Girlfriend in a coma 
Minor Threat  Minor Threat 
the Smiths  Panic 
Minor Threat  Sob Story 
the Smiths  Unhappy Birthday 
Minor Threat  I don't wanna hear it 
The Smiths  stop me if you've heard this one before 
Minor Threat  Look back and laugh 
the Smiths  that joke isn't funny anymore 


just a fun little mix, back and forth between bands, back and forth between emotions, who's gonna win, well it doesn't matter who wins of loses as long as you had fun playing the game


Date: 3/6/2002
very clever!
Junior D 1
Date: 3/7/2002
my god, what is happening?