sandpaper radio-eyed brontosaurus

Artist Song
birdie  linus 
cracker  my life is totally boring w/out you 
the microphones  sand 
eric's trip  my chest is empty 
holiday flyer  how when or where 
tarwater  7 ways to fake a perfect skin 
yuji oniki  paper tiger 
fosca  confused and proud 
onelinedraing  crush on everyone 
aphex twin  avril 14th 
ariel m  last cares (misfit cover) 
kim deal & robet pollard  love hurts 
kingsbury manx  piss diary 
the doves  cedar room 
trembling blue stars  ripples 
yo la tengo  our way to fall 
solomon burke  cry to me 


for the boy i love to kiss.

it's stuff i think he'd like.


Date: 3/9/2002
Good stuff.
Date: 1/29/2003
he's a very lucky boy! i wish i had a girl who thought this of me...