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your lovely head

Artist Song
goldfrapp  lovely head (stare mesto) 
goldfrapp  pilots 
goldfrapp  oompa radar 
goldfrapp  utopia 
goldfrapp  human 
goldfrapp  felt mountain 
pale 3 w/ alison goldfrapp  bodo 
goldfrapp  utopia (new ears mix) 
goldfrapp  lovely head (miss world mix) 
goldfrapp  paper bag 
goldfrapp  horse tears 
goldfrapp  deer stop 
goldfrapp  lovely head 


this is a project i just did for a british lit class; i composed (well, compilated) a soundtrack to accompany mary shelley's *frankenstein*. the songs are set to intensify the moods of the novel's themes and events. (NOTE: it was accompanied by an eight page explication, but uhm, i'm not typing that all out here.)