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Artist Song
Sprung Monkey  Good Times 
Pennywise  Surfin' USA 
Weezer  Surfwax America 
Dick Dale & His Deltones  Misirlou 
The Offspring  Nitro 
Porno For Pyros  Meija 
Soundgarden  My Wave 
Smashing Pumpkins  Bury Me 
Deconstruction  LA Song 
Pixies  Ana 
Reef  Good Feeling 
Ben Harper  Glory and Consequence 
Rage Against The Machine  Snakecharmer 
Beck  Beercan 
Red Hot Chili Peppers  Fela's Cock 
Everclear  El Distorto de Melodica 
Sick Of It All  Scratch The Surface 
Green Day  Last Ride In 
Blink 182  Waggy 
Sublime  Bad Fish 


Commissioned by my brother who is just setting up his own surfwear label called (you guessed it) Cyclone. I tried to mix up some songs about surfing with some noisy surf type tunes and a few classic surf sounds. Great for summer (obviously!). Oh yeah, the form wouldn't let me enter the last track which is Surf Rider by The Lively Ones, not that it makes much difference, I mean no one is going to want to trade based on that one track are they? JM London
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