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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre

"God Give Me Strength"

Side A
Artist Song
"Edna Buxton"  Hey There * 
Buddy Holly  Everyday 
The Shirelles  Will You Love Me Tomorrow ** 
"The Luminaries"  Born To Love That Boy * 
The Crystals  Then He Kissed Me 
The Chiffons  One Fine Day ** 
The Everly Brothers  Bye Bye Blackbird 
Dusty Springfield  I Can't Make It Alone ** 
Bob Dylan  Love Minus Zero/No Limit 
The Rising Sons  Take A Giant Step ** 
The Beach Boys  Surfer Girl 
The Shangri-Las  Remember (Walking In The Sand) 
Jim O'Rourke  Something Big 
Lyme And Cybelle  Follow Me 
Fontella Bass  Oh, No, Not My Baby ** 
The Bluethings  Look Homeward, Angel 
"Denise Waverly"  God Give Me Strength * 
Side B
The Monkees   Porpoise Song ** 
The Beach Boys  Good Vibrations 
The Byrds  Goin' Back** 
Redd Kross  Love Is Not Love 
Sonic Youth  Little Trouble Girl * 
Dinosaur Jr.  Not The Same 
P. P. Arnold  (If You Think You're) Groovy 
Shiva Burlesque  The Lonesome Death Of Shadow Morton 
Joni Mitchell  Blue 
Penelope Houston  Qualities Of Mercy 
Carole King  Will You Love Me Tomorrow ** 
"Denise Waverly"  Grace Of My Heart * 


Is it a narrative tape, a theme tape? I don't know. The concept is simple. I acquired a cheap copy of the fabulous Allison Anders film "Grace Of My Heart" the other day, and as I was watching it I remembered how much I liked the songs in the movie and, in the absence of owning the soudtrack, decided I wanted to dump some of said songs onto a tape. Somewhere along the line I got detoured into the idea of following the basic plot line of the movie with some of the "real-life" songs that the movie evidently refers to, as well as other incidental songs that just seem to fit the story. So the tape is three things I guess - a collection of some of the songs from the movie (denoted by a *), a sort of Goffin/King compilation (denoted by a **), and a narrative retelling of the movie (songs like "Bye Bye Blackbird", "Lonesome Death of Shadow Morton", etc.). There ya have it. The songs from the movie are credited to the characters, since I couldn't be bothered to figure out who did the actual vocals. It's better that way anyway.


Date: 3/21/2002
Great movie indeed, and a great idea for a tape, not to mention some great songs. Nice!
Rob Conroy
Date: 3/21/2002
Randy, this is an amazing idea and a phenomenal mix all around. Serious kudos to you, my friend!
Date: 3/21/2002
Good stuff, and great idea.
Date: 3/21/2002
Sweet concept!! Nothing else needs to be said, except that maybe Elvis Costello's own version of God Give Me Strength would have made a nice reprise!
Date: 3/22/2002
can i just chime in for a second on how great this idea is and how killer the outcome looks? rad.
Date: 3/22/2002
this is really, really wonderful. i love the movie. a note: edna's/denise's vocals are provided by kristen vigard and the luminaries' vocals are provided by for real. (um...i went through a phase of slight gomh obsession, that's all.) again, great mix.
Date: 3/22/2002
nice stuff, Randy. Well done once again
Date: 3/22/2002
Wow, thanks for all the positive comments. Glad to see others love the movie as much as I do. In an ideal universe Ileana Douglas would be getting way more quality roles (not that such a thing really exists these days) and Alison Anders would be making blockbusters.