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Gittin' a Little Hipper

Artist Song
Myra Barnes  The Message From The Soul Sisters 
James Brown  Devil's Den (Live) 
James Brown  Evil 
Fred Wesley & The JB's  Blow Your Head 
Maceo and the Macks  Soul Power '74 
Lyn Collins (The Female Preacher)  Rock Me Again & Again & Again & Again & Again & Again 
Marva Whitney  Unwind Yourself (remix) 
Fred Wesley & the JB's  You Can Have Watergate But Gimme Some Bucks And I'll Be Straight 
Lyn Collins (The Female Preacher)  Mama Feelgood 
Yvonne Fair  I Found You 
James Brown  I Got You (live) 
James Brown  Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (live) 
Lyn Collins (The Female Preacher)  Think (About It) 
James Brown  Gittin' A Little Hipper 
Vicki Anderson  Answer to Mother Popcorn (I Got a Mother for You) 
James Brown  Tighten Up 
Marva Whitney  What Do I have to do to Prove My Love to You 
Marva Whitney  You Got to Have a Job (If you Don't Work - You Don't Eat) 
Bobby Byrd  I Know You Got Soul 


This is a little mix CD I made for a few friends as a Christmas present - all funk, all people that worked with James Brown (as well as him too). Highlights (for me anyway) are Maceo and the Macks "Soul Power '74", which I think is ahead of it's time with samples running in the background, and Marva Whitney's "Unwind Yourself", which is the source for some killer hip-hop samples.
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Date: 3/22/2002
My favorite is Bobby Byrd's "I Know You Got Soul," which of course was sampled by Eric B. and Rakim, who were then sampled by MARRS...
Steve Raglin
Date: 3/23/2002
James Brown is in the house! Keep on keepin' the funk alive here at Art of the Mix... good stuff! (Diggin' on the old car image, too... isn't that a Buick?)
Date: 3/23/2002
Thanks for the comments! I don't actually know what kind of car that is, I didn't note it when I took the photo - I've been told it's both a Pontiac and a Buick - and have yet to find another picture of a similar car to confirm..
andrew healy
Date: 4/6/2002
A suberb cd. anyone with bobby byrd in their mix is a winner in my book. love the image too