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For Sarah: they tell me l.a.'s beautiful when it rains

Artist Song
aveo  laughter leaves you 
dolour  the essence of flourescent 
the good life  off the beaten path 
the secret stars  wait 
little red rocket  lies 
dolour  sandi, let's do it 
bright eyes  falling out of love at this volume 
neko case  in california 
cursive  vermont 
I love you, too... 
20 minute loop  everybody out 
carissa's wierd  a loose hair falls into a glass of water without ice 
desaparecidos  mall of america 
the magnetic fields  lovers from the moon 
dolour  menage a trois 
ida  triptych 
bright eyes  haligh, haligh, a lie, haligh 
azure ray  no signs of pain 
now it's overhead  blackout curtain 
moonbabies  starlet 
the shins  caring is creepy 
aveo  magnetic halos 


an example of what i've been listening to since sarah and i graduated (so long long ago). the title is from neko-love.


Date: 3/28/2002
the only band i have listened to from here is bright eyes. i am going to listen to these other bands.
Date: 5/22/2002
nice mix.
Date: 11/11/2003
Dolour? Bright Eyes? 20 Minute Loop? Nice mix!