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the lums of drugs and alcohol (upon turning 21)

Artist Song
lucksmiths  beer nut 
divine comedy  drinking song 
black 47  road to ruin 
teenage fanclub  mad dog 
dodgy  prey for drinking 
david gray  debauchery 
teenage fanclub  alcoholiday 
elbow  don't mix your drinks 
space monkeys  sugar cane 
shack  lend some dough 
james  junkie 
dandy warhols  not if you were the last junkie (on earth) 
underworld  born slippy 
beatles  lucy in the sky with diamonds 
starsailor  alcoholic 
gene  sick, sober and sorry 
verve  the drugs don't work 
rialto  milk of magnesia 


this was the playlist for my radio show after my 21st birthday party-- i'm sure there were other tracks too but i don't remember? i was trying to capture the ups and downs of drugs and alcohol, starting with some catchy tunes then slurring to soberdom and withdrawal. "lum" is a word i made up on air-- i think i was trying to say "slum" but it didn't come out right. anyway, enjoy!


jaime b
Date: 3/25/2002
this is wonderful!! love it! you've got lots of my favourite bands (and my absolutely bestest fave james) - the fanclub, elbow, luckies, the comedy.. good job, & congrats upon your entrance into the world of legal inebriation! :)
p the swede
Date: 3/31/2002
great mix in a endless theme