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Loud Enough, With The Right Wind

Artist Song
Flirting With Disaster Clip  The Only Hope 
The Shins  New Slang 
Coldplay  Trouble (lv) 
Moog Cookbook  Novocain for the Soul 
Imperial Teen  Lipstick 
Dealership  Forest 
Get Up Kids  Close to Me 
Handsome Boy Modeling School  Modeling Sucks 
Failure  Stuck On You 
Travis  Baby One More time 
Hum  Stars 
Catherine Wheel  Delicious 
Soul Coughing  Screenwriters Blues 
Utah Phillips and Ani Difranco  Holding On 
Mike Watt  Chinese Firedrill 
Flirting With Disaster Clip  Little Cinderella 
Death Cab for Cutie  Photobooth 
White Stripes  Apple Blossom 
Desaparecitos  Man & Wife (financial planning) 
David Bowie  Sufragette City 
The Pogues  Sally Maclennane 
Sifl & Olly  Tangerine 
Tom Waits  Blue Skies 


3/02 For her.


jaime b
Date: 3/25/2002
aw! i would be so happy to get a cd like this. why don't boys make me cds like this? hum and failure on this too, ahh..