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everybody knows this is nowhere

Artist Song
of montreal  tim, i wish you were born a girl 
of montreal  everything disappears when you come around 
of montreal  let's do everything for the first time forever 
of montreal  when a man is in love with a man 
of montreal  i'd be a yellow-feathered loon 
hidari mae  dissension 
ida  everybody knows this is nowhere 
ida  triptych 
sleater-kinney  jenny 
neutral milk hotel  the king of carrot flowers, pt. 1 
neutral milk hotel  the king of carrot flowers, pts. 2&3 
neko case  in california 
members of rem and U2  one (live & acoustic) 
the magnetic fields  abigail, belle of kilronan 
the magnetic fields  you're my only home 
the magnetic fields  washington, d.c. 
the magnetic fields  queen of the savages 
the magnetic fields  i'm sorry i love you 
the magnetic fields  the desperate things you made me do 
the magnetic fields  the cactus where your heart should be 
the ropers  take your time 
the shins  caring is creepy 
the dismemberment plan  what do you want me to say 
cat power  bathysphere 
cat power  psychic hearts 
cat power  schizophrenia's weighted me down 
kind of like spitting  the thing about distance 
kind of like spitting  birds of a feather 


i'm driving over the mountain pass tomorrow to visit my daddy-o. these are some songs i've been absolutely crazy about lately to keep me company for two hours. i don't think the collection of songs is particularly random or not random, and i wasn't aiming for a huge variety of artists. just an accurate representation of what my tastes are right now. one might be able to discern, should one have a keen mind, that the title is stolen from ida.


Rob Conroy
Date: 3/26/2002
Wow. You've compiled stuff from a bunch of my favorite current bands. Nice mix. :-)
Date: 3/26/2002
thanks. i say, i'm rather smitten with a lot of your mixes myself.
Rob Conroy
Date: 3/26/2002
Well, if you ever want to trade, let me know. Just send me some requests from my stockpile...
captain obvious
Date: 3/27/2002
friend, you failed to mention that ida in turn stole the title from neil young.

yay for this mix, though!