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the mix about names that is, itself, nameless

Artist Song
sleater-kinney  jenny 
dolour  sandi, let's do it 
liz phair  shane 
the anniversary  sweet marie 
of montreal  tim, i wish you were born a girl 
the magnetic fields  abigail, belle of kilronan 
john lennon  oh, yoko 
joni mitchell  carey 
the prom  carrie 
bright eyes  laura laurent 
neko case  andy 
rosie thomas  charlotte 
carissa's wierd  heather rhodes 
belle and sebastian  mary jo 
crosby stills nash & young  suite: judy blue eyes 
leonard cohen  suzanne 
dolour  mona mona 
joni mitchell  willy 
elton john  daniel 
ian and sylvia  calgary 


this is a mix jenny ( and i made together. we were bored. it was a good idea to find a theme because we're both indecisive. the chosen theme? miraculous: first names. i know that "calgary" is about the city and not, well...another girl named calgary (because who am i kidding? there isn't another girl named calgary. anywhere), but it's only fair since jenny's name is uh, "jenny" and i was jealous and wanted my name in the mix, too. this is very long-winded.


Rob Conroy
Date: 3/28/2002
Cool mix. Whatever you call yourself. ;-) heh
Date: 4/1/2002
very nice. i was just thinking about the large number of songs with names as the title lately. and i love the of montreal song!