crayon cliffhanger: abridged and on a bridge...about to...fall off!

Artist Song
dead prez  be healthy 
dot allison  message personnell (arab strap rmx) 
ultravox  hiroshima mon amour 
a.r. kane  love from outer space 
casiotone for the painfully alone  i should have kissed you when i had the chance 
creeping jenny  second hand 
avocado baby  caffeine sleaze 
twinkle  terry 
sandie shaw  always something there to remind me 
hair (musical cast)  black boys 
ciao bella  another pill 
remington super 60  hey you pretty thing 
the crabs  market size 
dqe   cigarette song 
scott walker  the girls and the dogs 
pink martini   je neux pais travelier 
bebo valdez  duerme 
mason williams  classical gas 
crabby appleton  go back 
honey cone  while you were out looking for sugar 
the mcguire sisters  space ship 
ray charles  let's get stoned 
state street swingers  don't tear my clothes 
work of saws  the hands that made you sorry 
raffi  the cat came back 
the bats  round and down 


for a gal i know.
i think she likes a lot of black tambourine and rain parade and french stuff....and like...the who and stuff. so as usual, i tried to put stuff on here i didnt think she'd have. IT'S 3:30AM.
why do mixes take so long to make? why do they make me happy to make them? if i like a mix i make for someone, i never feel it is a waste of time.


p the swede
Date: 3/30/2002
what a start 3 ace songs in a row
Lissa Crayon123
Date: 3/30/2002
hehe thanks!!! i put that be healthy song on there not just cause its a gooooood song but cause shes a vegan hheh