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all i can hope to be

Artist Song
destroyer  the bad arts 
mihaly vig  valuska 
the shipping news  how to draw horses 
noel le bon  dark ages 
natalie imbruglia  pigeons and crumbs 
aloha  saint lorraine 
clem snide  let's make it 
the new tellers  fear of phones 
emily sparks  down in virginia 
otis redding  i've got dreams to remember 
okkervil river  listening to otis redding at home during christmas 
lovers  your handwriting (a porch song) 
clairvoyants  new name 
rilo kiley  science vs. romance 
howie beck  everything ends 
joni mitchell  songs to aging children come 
bright eyes  entry way song 


probably a wholly inappropriate birthday present to give anyone but the best friend in the world. so i've got the right recipient for a (mostly) downtrodden wallowing-in-your-own-loneliness-misery-and-drink kind of mix. (mostly because i find it really hard to avoid up-tempo stuff. but i suppose natalie imbruglia will be translated as depressing regardless!) not as good as a hug, but it'll suffice for the geographically challenged.


Rob Conroy
Date: 4/3/2002
Hey you! :-) Haven't "seen" you in awhile. I'm absolutely worshipping that Okkervil River album right now and I had a feeling that you would be, as well. Cool mix. Drop a line one of these days...