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drunk with glitter

Artist Song
colour contest  me and your melanie 
death by chocolate  my friend jack eats sugarlumps 
guv'ner  lucky ladybug 
tullycraft  twee 
plumtree  hey! whiskers! 
pigeonhole  we're not gonna take it 
poundsign  the best day 
sarah harmer  oleander 
scout niblett  so much love 
four corners  the girl from uncle 
ladybug transistor  catherine elizabeth 
laura watling  we're still fun 
oh susanna  sleepy little sailor 
winter blanket  palisades 
teacups  count to ten 
vancouver nights  naikoon park 
gene defcon  texas fever 
parcels   snappy new haircut 
masters of the hemisphere  she plays guitar 
eric's trip  red haired girl 
notwist  pick up the phone 
airport girl  shine like stars 
bright eyes  june on the west coast 
velvet underground  after hours 


a mix for a friend. the first half is poppy and upbeat because the end of semester is nearly here, the end is a bit more mellow because there's still a few weeks to go... the title is from a 1920s text on how shop girls should not be allowed to go to the movies because they might get 'drunk on glitter' and no longer be able to work. and thanks to my friend who pointed out that 'after hours' is the best ever last song for a mix.


Date: 4/8/2002
this is lovely.
Date: 4/8/2002
Sarah Harmer is amazing.
Date: 4/8/2002
Great mix! Is that Death By Chocolate a cover of that 60s song by the Smoke?