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Fuck Your Hand

Side A
Artist Song
charles Bukowski  Freedom 
Thumbnail  This isn't working 
Kronos Quartet  quarter euphometric 
Kronos Quartet  digital 
Tom Waits  the fall of troy 
Damien Jurado  medication 
Tim Kinsella  so open; hurrah! 
Aloha  the sound in between 
Dianogah  time for a game of stick 
Dianogah  they have monkeys like we have squirrels 
Unwound  the world is flat 
Unwound  sonata for loudspeakers 
Mogwai  secret pint 
Mogwai  rollerball 
Mogwai  burn girl prom-queen 
hope sandoval and the warm inventions  drop 
the velvet underground  one of these days 
Side B
Shel Silverstein  the worst 
Crooked Fingers  new drink for the old drunk 
Crooked Fingers  surrender is treason 
Bright eyes  drunk kid catholic 
the Cancer Conspiracy  live through the age of radio 
Joy Division  these days 
Flaming Lips  Superman 
Flaming Lips  suddenly everything has changed 
Mirah  the sun 
Mirah  advisory committee 
Quasi  i never want to see you again 
Beat Happening  in love with you thing 
Beat Happening  other side 
Beck  Last night i traded my souls innermost for some pickled fish 
Woody Guthrie  ramblin' around 
Three Mile Pilot  worry 
Lee Ranaldo  enroute/midnight headlights 
6 parts 7  spaces between days (pt.4) 
6 parts 7   sleeping diagonally 
the album leaf  glisten 
ida  crooked teeth 
elliot smith  between the bars 


this is actually a 2-CD gift for my friend matt... he listens to alot of noise (ala: merzbow, cock e.s.p., etc.) and i wanted to get him into some other stuff. Happy 21st B-Day!!!