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blue of noon 1

Artist Song
nick drake  time has told me 
r.e.m.  country feedback 
elliott smith  pitseleh 
smog  to be of use 
david sylvian  the boy with the gun 
sparklehorse  the most beautiful widow in town 
scott walker  plastic palace people 
tom waits  get behind the mule 
wilco  she's a jar 
ryan adams  winding wheel 
afghan whigs  when we two parted 
the beta band  she's the one 
nick cave and the bad seeds  i let love in 
mark eitzel  cleopatra jones 
the delgados  no danger 


it's sometimes difficult coming up with explanations for mixes, and this is one instance. initially this was going to be an acoustic, mellow mix (as shown by track one) but took an abrupt turn when i picked 'country feedback' instead of something like 'you are the everything'. then it was a trawl through my big CD holder, from r.e.m. to the end, then back to the beginning. listening back to it, i think it evokes the book i'm reading, hence the title and the choice of 'narrative'. it's kind of melancholic, kind of drunk, with singers who are a) all male and b) mostly american. there are appearances by the occasional european to echo the source material. and i'm treating scott walker as one of the latter. i might edit out this ramble at a later date.