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I'll show you what my politics are.

Side A
Artist Song
Pavement  rattled by the rush 
Miles Davis  seven steps to heaven 
Steely Dan  through with buzz 
North of America  the path 
Beastie Boys  ill communication 
Yes  roundabout 
Stevie Wonder  you met your match 
Sonic Youth  panty lies 
At The Drive-in  rascuache 
My Bloody Valentine  loomer 
Pavement  grounded 
Side B
Thelonius Monk  off minor 
Cream  doing that scrapyard thing 
Steely Dan  charlie freak 
Elvis Costello  senior service 
The Wooden Stars  rebel radios 
Blur  look inside America 
Joni Mitchell  the boho dance 
Moneen  tonight i'm gone 
Santana  waves within 
The Burdocks  hello mockingbird 
After School Special  captain of your ship (uncompeted demo) 
John Coltrane  countdown 
Average White Band  person to person 
Refused  refused party program 


This is a mix that I compiled for one of my best friends, who has been living in Switzerland for about a year. I wanted to give him a taste of some of the songs that i've uncovered in the past year, along with some spicy old chestnuts.
I like to juxtapose styles from song to song in my mixes. It's like a musical cold shower. Hopefully it will even make your nipples hard.
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Jackson MacIntosh
Date: 4/15/2002
This is an absolutely ridiculous picture of me, by the way. I'm not as hideous a beast as I may appear!
Date: 4/15/2002
You have really nice eyes and a really nice mix.
Date: 4/16/2002
huge picture posters unite! you're cute! ;) great mix too, especially especially ESPECIALLY charlie freak! it makes me cry...and i could say that blue and pavement and at the drive-in make my nipples hard...i could...by perhaps i shan't.
Date: 4/16/2002
i meant blur. and i also forgot to mention elvis costello, which i give you major props for including. yay!
Date: 4/17/2002
i agree with leslie...
Date: 4/18/2002
hey jack,
surprised to see your picture when i just surfed on here randomly.
Date: 4/20/2002
i'd love to trade! you could get some nice swedish music... yesss..
Date: 6/6/2002
yo. my e-mail hasn't been working for a while now, so i don't know if you've read my mails or answered or anything... but i'll send you my tape as soon as it starts working & i'll have "access" (?) to your address.. ! (or, you can mail me at sabeteli@hotmail.com instead) mm. byebye. . .