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Artist Song
pierre trudeau  there's no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation 
lou reed  you'll know you were loved 
breeders  do you love me now 
ramones  oh oh i love her so 
cub  i'm sticking with you (velvet underground cover) 
laura watling  spend the winter with me 
tiger trap  supercrush 
death by chocolate  something special 
magnetic fields  the book of love 
reindeer section  will you please be there for me 
mazzy star  fade into you 
nick drake  summertime 
marshall crenshaw  someday someway 
airport girl  shine like stars 
elvis costello  you belong to me 
kissoffs  love you hardcore 
aislers set  hey lover 
moonlings  let's sell our records and move away 
elliot smith  say yes 
ben lee  red slurpee 
billie holiday  you're my thrill 
bright eyes  tereza and tomas 
booming airplanes  stares 
buddha on the moon  100,000 fireflies (magnetic fields cover) 
velvet underground  after hours 
frank sinatra  i'm in the mood for love 
amelie soundtrack  la valse d'amelie 
pierre trudeau  just watch me 


part one of a 2 cd mix for my boyfriend. we broke up last year, and then we got back together - this was meant to be the one year anniversary of us getting back together, but it took me a little longer than i thought it would.


Date: 4/26/2002
Seeing Aislers Set, Tiger Trap and Cub makes me shout & twist! Lucky boyfriend.
Date: 4/27/2002
this is so wonderful.
Sean Lally
Date: 5/6/2002
This is really cool, especially the Tiger Trap tune. Super sweet.
Orange MoonTea (Ecovlke)
Date: 3/17/2003
I like this one too. Girl, you have really got good taste in music.