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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre

radio is a sound salvation

Side A
Artist Song
Elvis Costello  radio, radio 
operation ivy  sound system 
the dance hall crashers  i don't wanna behave 
less than jake  great american sharpshooter 
catch 22  keasby nights 
rancid  ruby soho 
the distillers  la girls 
tilt  die of shame 
bad religion  you dont belong 
atom and his package  punk rock acadamy 
xray spex  oh bondage up yours! 
sex pistols  god save the queen 
clash  rudie cant fail 
ramones  teenage lobotomy 
operation: cliff cavin   no, we dont have a chick bass player 
groovie ghoulies  how ya doin? 
anti flag  indie sucks, hardline sucks, emo sucks, you suck 
bane  can we start again 
the ataris   the radio still sucks 
Side B
the pixies  where is my mind? 
mates of state  a duel will settle this 
b'ehl   100000 fireflies 
they might be giants  its not my birthday 
rainer maria  breakfast of champions 
boycrazy  starkstreet 
mary lou lord  his indie world 
belle and sebastian  im waking up to us 
lupine  punk rock princess 
jonahs one line drawing  aeroplanes 
mirah  sweepstakes prize 
heavenly  c is the heavenly option 
my favorite  the informers 
the pixies  gouge away 


a girl from my gym class wanted me to make her a mixtape of "underground music." i was of course much obliged to do battle with her current fav's of dave matthews and sarah m. the first side is rock and the second side is mostly not. i feel like too much of the stuff on this tape is not actually "underground" but im sure itll be new for her. i went a little heavy on the skapunk in the beginning though i think. oh well, its still a really fun tape.


Date: 5/2/2002
by introducing her to the pixies, clash, ramones, ataris, elvis, op ivy, ramones, and the sex pistols, you're doing her one hell of a favor :)
Date: 5/2/2002
Some nice picks on here.
Date: 5/3/2002
radio, radio is an awesome way to open a tape. rock.