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Artist Song
Theme Song: Joan Jett  Bad Reputation 
Pilot: Styx  Renegade 
Beers & Weirs: Doobie Brothers  Jesus is Just Alright With Me 
Tricks & Treats: April Wine  Roller 
Kim Kelly's My Friend: Van Halen  Jamie's Cryin' 
Tests & Breasts: Curtis Mayfield  Superfly 
I'm With the Band: Rush  The Spirit of Radio 
Carded & Discarded: Alice Cooper  I'm Eighteen 
Girlfriends & Boyfriends: The Moody Blues  Knights in White Satin 
We've Got Spirit: Kansas  Dust in the Wind 
The Diary: The Amboy Dukes  Journey to the Center of the Mind 
Looks & Books: Joe Jackson  I'm the Man 
The Garage Door: Pure Prairie League  Amie 
Chokin' & Tokin': George Baker  Little Green Bag 
Dead Dogs & Gym Teachers: The Who  I'm Free 
Noshing & Moshing: Black Flag  Rise Above 
Smooching & Mooching: Warren Zevon  Poor Poor Pitiful Me 
The Little Things: Jackson Brown  The Road 
Discos & Dragons: The Grateful Dead  Ripple 


A compendium to the fabulous television show, "Freaks & Geeks." My friends and I recently held a Freaks & Geeks marathon in which all 18 epsiodes were shown in a row. Candy was eaten, shots were downed, headaches & wooziness appeared. I made this cd the next week and sent out copies to all the die hards who made it through all 18 episodes, shown from 2 pm to 6 am the next day. If you have not seen the show, I pity you. It is without a doubt the greatest show I have ever seen and perfectly captures the late 70's/early 80's high school vibe and the world of the outcasts and nerds. I put a song on from every epsiode, in order, as a sort of soundtrack for the series. Two regrets - the inclusion on the Amboy Dukes over XTC's "No Language in our Lungs" and not being able to include "Rosalinda's Eyes."


Rob Conroy
Date: 5/6/2002
It was indeed a great show. And this is quite the cool mix, Mr. Paquette.
Sean Lally
Date: 5/6/2002
FREAKS AND GEEKS WAS THE GREATEST TELEVISION SHOW EVER. It is criminal, CRIMINAL I tell ya, that it was canceled. What a boss idea for a mix! I think I loved that show so much because I was the exact age of Sam at that period of my life - the trials he and his friends experienced largely mirrored my own. Tragic, I know. God, I miss that show. I guess they had to cancel it to make room for another ridiculous "reality show". F&G was the greatest reality show ever. OK, enough yapping. Well done.
Date: 5/6/2002
is it me or was that show sometimes just painful to watch because of how close it hit home?'s a shame freaks and geeks was cancelled. i always regret not taping the reruns they showed on family channel. this mix is awesome.
Date: 5/6/2002
if you guys liked it, then it must be good! Unfortunately here in Hicksville, UK, we don't get it. I like the music in this mix, though
Date: 5/10/2002
great show/great tape!