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CD | Theme - Depression
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CD | Theme - Road Trip

So sad you could kill...

Artist Song
Strapping Young Lad  Room 429 
Morgion  The Serpentine Scrolls 
Opeth  Black Rose Immortal 
Winter  Eternal Frost 
Darkthrone  Transilvanian Hunger 
In The Woods  Mourning The Death Of Aase 
Satyricon  Tied In Bronze Chains 
Acid Bath  Finger Painting Of The Insane 
Obituary  Slowly We Rot 


This isn't your little sister's wussy depression mix. This is for when you're heart's been crushed and the only way to cope is by inflicting any kind of pain, torment, and hatred you can vomit forth on to all who dare to wander into your path. The apocalypse is upon us...


DJ Hoover
Date: 5/9/2002
Nice Mix! 'Opeth'-Song