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Radiohead Collection Vol. 1

Artist Song
RADIOHEAD  Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong (My Iron Lung import single) 
  Talk Show Host (b-side) 
  Planet Telex (the bends) 
  How Do You (pablo honey) 
  How To Disappear Completely (kid a) 
  Let Down (ok computer) 
  Pearly (Airbag/How's My Driving? EP) 
  Just (the bends) 
  Pyramid Song (Amnesiac) 
  Optimistic (kid a) 
  In Limbo (kid a) 
  Paranoid Android (ok computer) 
  Like Spinning Plates (amnesiac) 
  Bulletproof..I Wish I Was (the bends) 
  Amnesiac/Morning Bell (amnesiac) 
  No Surprises (ok computer) 
  The Tourist (ok computer) 


This is sort of a "sampler" of my favorite Radiohead songs. Expect volume 2 in the near future. There is no chronological order to this whatsoever, because that would be boring and it wouldn't flow as well.
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Geoffrey Holland
Date: 5/17/2002're not from Vancouver are ya?