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Diamonds in the Sand

Artist Song
The Beach Boys  Surfin' 
The Beach Boys  Luau 
Bob & Sheri  The Surfer Moon 
Rachel & the Revolvers  The Revo-lution 
Rachel & the Revolvers  Number One 
Kenny & the Cadets  Barbie 
The Survivors  Pamela Jean 
The Survivors  After the Game 
Hale & the Hushabyes  Yes Sir That's My Baby 
Sharon Marie  Thinkin' 'Bout My Baby 
Sharon Marie  Story of My Life 
Sharon Marie  Runaround Lover 
Basil Swift & the Seegrams  Farmer's Daughter 
Glen Campbell  Guess I'm Dumb 
The Beach Boys  Caroline, No (mono) 
The Beach Boys  I Just Wasn't Made For These Times (mono) 
The Beach Boys  Good Vibrations (live '66) 
The Beach Boys  Smile Radio Spot 
The Beach Boys  Heroes & Villains (long version) 
The Beach Boys  Heroes & Villains (section) 
The Laughing Gravy  Vegtables 
The Honeys  He's a Doll 
The Honeys  The Love of a Boy & Girl 
Dennis Wilson & Rumbo  Sound of Free 
Dennis Wilson & Rumbo  Lady 
American Spring  Mama Said 
American Spring  Now That Everything's Been Said 
American Spring  Good Time 
American Spring  Shyin' Away 


Hardly an original idea for a mix. Result of a rainy day spent alone with the PC & MOJO's list of Brian Wilson rarities. Wasted a morning so you won't have to. Note to Rob & Sean - I've already added it to your basket.


p the swede
Date: 5/13/2002
and i think i need it too
Date: 5/13/2002
Damn, you beat me too it. I dunno, I did the same thing. rainy Day, bummed at hearing "Hang On To Your Ego" in a Gap ad, why not pick up the MOJO and create the mix. What better way to waste a morning.
Rob Conroy
Date: 5/13/2002
Thanks, Jim. Looks great to me. I'm really keen to get a hold of that Glen Campbell song, actually.
Sean Lally
Date: 5/13/2002
Lo-fi - no one wastes mornings like you. Thanks a million. So, are you ready for that Tomorrow disc yet?
Date: 5/13/2002
Screw original, this is simply wonderful. I've been pretty busy these past few days, but will mail you in just a little while.
Damo Suzuki
Date: 5/13/2002
Is the Tomorrow disc a Wirtz compilation?
Date: 5/13/2002
Oh wow, I didn't even know half these songs existed!
Date: 5/14/2002
Very nice work here. Sidenote: I live about 3 miles from the house the Wilson brothers grew up in (Hawthorne, Calif.). House was ripped down for a new freeway a few years ago. No plaque. Nothing but a mound of dirt on the exact spot. To drive by is a little eerie. The music, however, lives. Great mix, nice choices.
Date: 5/23/2002
Could I possibly get a copy of this?
Date: 7/13/2002
Wow! I'm planning on doing a Beach Boys-inspired mix soon, so when I visted Borders' magazine rack today, I copied down most of the rarities in hopes I could track them down. And much to my surprise, they're almost all on this mix! Needless to say. I'd love to have a copy of this one day.
Date: 4/12/2003