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Where The Flacks Fall Heavy Along The Party Lines

Side A
Artist Song
J*R  Davey 
Red Monkey  R.E.D. 
Computer Cougar  Too much 
Sweep The Leg Johnny  Fine wrinkles, we have all of them 
Consonant  Buckets of flowers and porno mags 
Kaito  Succosanko 
North of America  Rough draft korea 
Spirit Assembly  In order to visualize 
Kodiak  Little stars 
Skip Day Toner  Losing the race 
The Fall  Behind the counter 
JR Ewing  1st class suicide 
Huggy Bear  T-shirt tucked in 
Missy X  Robot predecessor of girl no. 1 
Clambake  Three 
Side B
French Kicks  Young lawyer 
Fire Party  Pilate 
Bluetip  Cheap rip 
Kurt  Tricks on dancing 
Bette Davis & The Balconettes  White food 
OXES  Boss kitty 
Month of Birthdays  Of chicken 
Kill Yourself  Little london crow 
Refused  Refused are fuckin dead 
Green Hornet  Bugs 
Melt Banana  Introduction for charlie 
Peechees  Second grade 
Full Boney  Sightless 
(Young) Pioneers  Everybody's protest novel 


For Jessica Disobedience. I've been meaning to make a punk mix for aeons and now seemed a good a time as any. I deliberately made it more representative of late-ish 80s-to-present day, simply because it made the task far easier! One or two of the tracks are more lo-fi garagey rock'n'roll, but I'd be hard-pressed to deny their 'punk-assity'. Title courtesy of the (Young) Pioneers.


Ali Chops
Date: 5/15/2002
Well Jaunzo, I would comment on an exceptional mix, but Mr Holland may acost me for doing so. As it is I will merely say "swellzo", followed by "I only know of 10 of the bands".
Date: 5/15/2002
another great mix, juan.
Nick Marcopolis
Date: 5/16/2002
very ga-rooooovy Juan !(no Zephyr tracks, but HEY, ya' can't win em' ALL)
jessica disobedience
Date: 5/21/2002
i just got this mix in the mail yesterday, and it KICKS ASS! (btw - your mix will be on it's way to you tomorrow.)
Date: 6/11/2002
Starting off with the french kicks rocks... actually it all rocks (except kaito, but I'm going to ignore there inclusion)...