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Get Hot Or Go Home

Side A
Artist Song
Joe South  I'm Snowed 
Blues Echoes  It's Witchcraft 
Narvel Felts  Cry Baby Cry 
Pat Ferguson  Fool I Am 
Ray Smith  Willing And Ready 
Jesse Lee Turner  Put Me Down 
Sid Watson  Don't You Worry 
Bob Dingus  Step It Up And Go 
Rocket Morgan  You're Humbuggin' Me 
Weldon Rogers  So Long, Good Luck And Goodbye 
John Kerby  Get Hot Or Go Home 
Ken Parchman  Get It Off Your Mind 
Gene La Marr and his Blue Flames  That Crazy Little House On The Hill 
Eddie Skelton and the Rhythmtones  Gotta Keep It Swinging 
Eddie Cash  Doing All Right 
Cecil McNabb, Jr.  Nothing Like This 
Hank Davis  One Way Track 
Donald Simpson  Save Me Your Love 
Dennis Herrold  You Arouse My Curiosity 
Joey Castle  That Ain't Nothing But Right 
Side B
Benny Joy  I'm Gonna Move 
Joyce Green  Black Cadillac 
Bobby Brown and the Curios  Please Please Baby 
Linda and the Epics  Gonna Be Loved 
Bobby Lawson and the An Tones  Baby Don't Be That Way 
Don Murphy and the Hi-Liters  Mean Mama Blues 
Norm Skylar  Rock And Roll Blues 
Terry Daley and the Nu-Tones  You Don't Bug Me No More 
Billy Carroll  Big Green Car 
Chuck Brooks and the Sharpies  Spinning My Wheels 
Ritchie Deran  A Girl And A Hot Rod 
Gene Summers w/- the Rebels  Gotta Lotta That 
Gene Summers w/- the Rebels  Nervous 
Jimmy Ford  You're Gonna Be Sorry 
Lou Josie  Why Did You Leave Me 
Eddie Fontaine  One And Only 
Dorsey Burnette  'Til The Law Says Stop 
Roc LaRue and the 3 Pals  Baby Take Me Back 
Bob Ehret  Stop The Clock 



Date: 1/23/2006
...and by "all of these", I mean all of your mixes rock more than anything I've seen out here!