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Cassette | Dance - Jungle/Drum'n'bass
CD | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre

The Message Recordings

Side A
Artist Song
Quincy Jones  Soul Bossa Nova 
Sly & The Family Stone  Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself 
Michael Jackson  Better Be Starting Something 
Four Tops  Walk Away Renee 
Marvin Gaye  Me & Mrs Jones 
Michael Jackson  Thriller 
Curtis Mayfield  Freddies Dead 
Curtis Mayfield   
Four Tops  Bernadette 
Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions  Its Alright 
Curtis Mayfield   Superfly 
Michael Jackson  The Way You Make Me Feel 
Side B
Fat City Records Manchester  Straight Jacket 
Run DMC  Soul to Rock & Roll 
Herbie Hancock  Sly 
Beastie Boys  Soba Violence 
Run DMC  Its Tricky 
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five  Adventures on the Wheels of Steel 
Grandmaster Flash  The Message 
Run DMC  I'm Not Going Out Like That 
Public Enemy  911 is a Joke 


a-science-one - The Message Recordings - a celebration of cassette tapes! I had been without a tape recorder for so long that I'd actually forgotten that there was an alternative to CDRs. My friend has let me borrow a huge ghetto-blaster stylee recorder, so I thought it would be fitting for me to put together a tape of ..tape classics.

The first side is highly funked singalong classics, admitedly with an overdose of Curtis Mayfield, I made this for my ace friend Liz, who loves nothing more than going cruising in the car singing along -so this side is for her. And yes, she likes Michael Jackson!

Side B, and we old hip hop sounds. The Herbie Hancock tune is fantastic, getting dangerously funky halfway in..



Date: 5/26/2002
The Message-CLASSIC, nice work.
Dev Co.
Date: 5/27/2002
nice to see your mixes back on the site! looking forward to more
Andy Lemming
Date: 5/27/2002
nice mix, like it lots
Date: 6/1/2002
michael jackson is god.