i'm a loner, dottie. . .a rebel

Artist Song
red hot chili peppers  fight like a brave 
madness  lovestruck 
the english beat  click click 
operation ivy  sound system 
sham 69  the cockney kids are innocent 
the business  suburban rebels 
crass  mother love 
alkaline trio  cooking wine 
alkaline trio  for your lungs only 
the get up kids  i'm a loner, dottie. . .a rebel 
the cure  siamese twins 
billy bragg  a new england 
richard hell and the voidoids  blank generation 
the babies three  trust no one 
shai hulud  set your body ablaze 
the detroit cobras  ain't hittin' on nothin' 
fear  let's have a war 
fugazi  break 
rollins band  get some go again 
white girl 
blatz  lullabye 
filth  scarred for life 
u.s. bombs  her & me 


this is my soundtrack to the summer of 1999. i was depressed for a large part of the summer, but the rest of the summer was joyous and exciting. a lot of amazing shit happened - i had sex with a boy for the first time. i had sex with a girl for the first time. i went to london, d.c., and door county. (and michigan.) i started smoking on a regular basis. i got my first tattoo. my musical tastes developed even more than they already had. i grew and changed a lot. it kicked ass.


DJ Palindrome
Date: 6/1/2002
Nice narrative series. This is a memorable mix for what seems to be a pretty memorable summer.
Adam Bristor
Date: 6/25/2003
12 and 13 look quite nice back to back. Both great songs to boot.