only a fool tries to follow the light of a firely

Artist Song
patti smith group  because the night 
rose polenzani  olga's birthday 
common rider  classics of love 
civil disobedience  manufactured citizens 
the distillers  oh serena 
dropkick murphys  barroom heroes 
sex pistols  god save the queen 
crimpshrine  summertime 
braid  do you love coffee? 
kid dynamite  cheap shot youth anthem 
discount  soup 
le tigre  eau d'bedroom dancing 
bad brains  fearless vampire killers 
subhumans  mickey mouse is dead 
the explosion  god bless the s.o.s. 
the lillingtons  i need some brain damage 
the queers  fuck the world 
murder city devils  lemuria rising 
submission hold  predisposed to oppose 
rancid  loki 
the tossers  altercations 
the skatalites  latin goes ska 
the slits  ping pong affair 
ida  firefly 
the haggard  pe teacher 
dead and gone  red handed 


this is my soundtrack to the summer of 2000. i had my first real girlfriend that summer. i spent a lot of time in chicago and milwaukee. i drank entirely too much coffee. i made out with a lot of people; had my heart broken more than once and then healed again. i saw "the filth and the fury." i wrote a lot. i met so many amazing people. the title of this soundtrack comes from the ida song.


Date: 6/1/2002
nice dropkicks pick. i totally respect people who like their early stuff (as opposed to new, too-big-band, shitty stuff)