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Cilla Black: Bound to Wheeze

Artist Song
1963  Love Of The Loved 
1964  It's For You 
1964  You're My World 
1964  Anyone Who Had A Heart 
1965  Baby It's You 
1965  This Empty Place 
1965  One Little Voice 
1966  For No One 
1966  Love's Just A Broken Heart 
1966  Alfie 
1966  Make It Easy On Yourself 
1966  Sing A Rainbow 
1968  A Man And A Woman 
1968  What The World Needs Now Is Love 
1969  Surround Yourself With Sorrow 
1969  Words 
1969  You'll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break My Heart) 
1969  Liverpool Lullaby 
1970  The April Fools 
1970  Across The Universe 
1971  Something Tells Me (Something's Gonna Happen Tonight) 
1971  The Long And Winding Road 
1971  Junk 
1974  In My Life 


OK, so a while back, I get it in my head I gotta have this Cilla Black double CD collection (The Essential Cilla Black: 1963-78) that's like WAY expensive, but full of songs that suggest to me she's the bizarro Dionne Warwick. Prior to finding this, I was only familiar with a couple of songs from her VERY early stuff, but now I'm thinking Capitol, or whoever was DW's label, didn't wanna pay her airfare to perform over in the old country and so decided to manufacture an English version that could do all the same songs with pretty much the same stylings as the diva-ish Di, at a much lower cost. Hence, Cilla Black's middle career. If this isn't sounding all that adoring of me, well, that's because after I bought the CD (for an ungodly sum), I quickly learned it was about one and a half CDs too long. In paring it down to the tracks on "Bound to Wheeze" (name inspired, BTW, by a photo of Cilla all dolled up like Lulu, but bound around with some heavy rope...?), I decided to include more than anyone would EVER want to hear on one disk, just so they could experience the same joy I felt as I sculpted this sprawling recording into something approaching listenability. Cilla, I LOVE you! I DO!!! (Even though you're supposedly hosting a dating game rip-off on Australian TV... well, as long as it keeps her out of the recording studio. Me-OW!) The tracks, BTW, are arranged chronologically.
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Juan 1
Date: 6/3/2002
A Cilla Black mix! Something I never thought I'd see! Seriously, no offence (as I can see this is a lovingly made tribute. And you do say that some Cilla was too much Cilla) but this amuses me no end. Y'know, I could never really get away anything this Liverpudlian lass made. Her rasping voice, the hilariously prophesised dream she had of achieving worldwide ubiquity, her hideous manipulation of the 'Carnaby Street' madness (ugly! ugly! ugly!), the garbage she sang about... oh, everything.
But hey, I know A LOT of people who'd kill for this mix. And she actually hosts a dating game show here in the UK and is the celebrated queen of tacky-tv!
Date: 6/3/2002
Thanks for the correction. UK TV. My sympathies, but you must divulge the UGLY details of her Carnaby Street debacle! And no offense taken in the least, lest you forget, I possess a recording of her doing "Brooklyn." Even _I_ couldn't, in jest, include that humdinger!
Rob Conroy
Date: 6/3/2002
Okay, Gary, I want this. What do you want from me? :-)
Date: 6/3/2002
As a proud owner of this mix, in all its glory, I must concur... a little Cilla goes a long, long way. This is definitely worth it, however, there are some classic cuts on here!