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MP3 Playlist | Theme - Narrative
MP3 Playlist | Theme - Narrative
MP3 Playlist | Theme - Narrative

September to June (the real one)

Artist Song
September to  December 
Ryan Adams  New York, New York 
Enrique Iglesias  Hero 
The Ataris  San Dimas High School Football 
System of a Down  Chop Suey! 
January to   February 
Ryan Adams  Firecracker 
The White Stripes  Fell In Love With A Girl 
Old 97's   Four Leaf Clover 
The Get Up Kids  Holiday 
The Get Up Kids  Valentine 
March   Songs 
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes  Leavin On A Jetplane 
Jimmy Eat World  The Middle 
PYT  Anywhere, USA 
Heather Nova  London Rain (Nothing Heals Me Like You Do) 
Sarah McLaughlan  Adia 
Stereophonics  Step On My Old Size Nines 
Leona Naess  Promise to Try 
Ryan Adams  Goodnite Hollywood Boulevard 
Coldplay  Trouble 
Dashboard Confessional  Drowning 
Ryan Adams and Gillian Welch  Helpless 
May   Songs 
Rufus Wainwright  Hallelujah 
Angela Ammons  Always Getting Over You 
Leona Naess  I Tried to Rock You But You Only Roll 
The Get Up Kids  Ann Arbor 
Leona Naess  Anything 
Smashing Pumpkins  Ava Adore 


This is the same as the mix I put out under the same name, but the system cut off the bottom half of the mix. This is a personal mix about this year, and right now, when I'm graduating from 8th grade and going on the high school. This year I traveled to D.C., went on a ski trip without any snow, fell into a slight depression, and fell in love for the first time. This was an important year for me, and I wanted to put it into a playlist, and the playlist is seperated into sections of the year so you can see what I was feeling at that point in my life. There are a lot of Top 40 songs on here, but I put them there because I believe they expressed my current emotions, so keep an open mind here. Thanks!


Date: 6/3/2002
Gosh dang it! It did it again and cut off the last half! I guess I'll have to submit the second half just on it's own