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Some Are Time

Artist Song
Diana Ross  Love Hangover (12" mix) 
Recloose  Kapiti Dream 
Eddie Henderson  Kudu 
U Roy  Music Addict 
The Police   Miss Gradenko 
Boards of Canada  1969 
Massive Attack  Be Thankful for What You Got 
Tony Rebel  Firing Strong 
Antipop Consortium  Ghost Lawns 
Stevie Wonder  Jesus Children of America 
Top Cat  Love Me Sess 
Cibbo Matto  King of Silence 
Jhana  Say Say Say (Doc Scott vocal remix) 
Weather Report  Cucumber Slumber 
Toots and the Maytals  Pressure Drop 


Listener Status 37. Some Are Time is about the beginning of summer, the way things feel, and things that make you sweat. Rocking it disco, house, jazz, dub, rock, beats, soul, dancehall, hiphop, funk, drumandbass and fusion. This things are all meant to be together, and I am hoping that this mix will help alot of people I know just chillout, have a smile and take it easy for this summer. Best heard with the sun roof down, in an irie cloud or under the sheets. Let's sweat!
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g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 6/4/2002
lovely tunes, beautiful foliage...or vice-versa...can't decide...!
renegade master
Date: 6/4/2002
tah. I am Groovin' ta' da Summer soundzz of da' big bass. my man D: him haf da' sound !
Date: 6/4/2002
beautiful and lush. and a kick-ass cover.
Rob Conroy
Date: 6/4/2002
Whoa, this looks pretty crazy... and pretty cool. Nice job, Junior.
Date: 6/5/2002
Oh my, yeah.
p the swede
Date: 6/5/2002
top, good vibes
Date: 6/5/2002
what they all said, mister d.